A Little Knowledge Of Luggage Hardware

Case And Bag Hardware

Bag Hardware Is Simply A Variety Of Hardware Used In Bags And Backpacks. Most Luggage Hardware Is Not A Final Consumer Product. But As Industrial Manufacturing Ancillary Products, Semi-finished Products And Tools Used In The Production Process And So On. Only A Small Part Of Daily Hardware Accessories (luggage Chains, Chains, Etc.) Can Be Used As The Final Decorative Consumer Goods.


Luggage Hardware Accessories Can Be Roughly Classified According To The Following: Material, Shape, Color, Specifications, Etc
The Material
Case And Bag Hardware Is Divided Into Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy And Other Die-casting Hardware.
Luggage Hardware According To The Specific Product Category To Be Divided Into Rod, Small Wheel, Mushroom Nail, Bump Nail, Foot Nail, Hollow Nail, Pull Head, Corns, D Buckle, Dog Buckle, Needle Pass, Belt Buckle, Chain, Coil, Lock, Magnetic Button, All Kinds Of Trademarks And Decorative Hardware. All Kinds Of Hardware According To The Function Or Shape Of Specific Have Different Division. And All Kinds Of Hardware Accessories Also Have A Lot Of Specifications.
The Packaging Hardware Comes In Many Colors According To Electroplating: Lightning-light, Gold, Gun Black, Bronze, Green Sweep, Chrome, Etc. Electroplating Also Has Many Places To Pay Attention To, Different Electroplating Color On The Process Requirements Are Not The Same. The Export Should Pay Attention To Whether It Meets The Requirements Of Environmental Protection And Non-toxic.

Domestic Regional Pattern

According To The Terminal Sales Of Domestic Luggage And Leather Goods, There Are Guangzhou Guihuagang Leather Goods Market, Hebei Baigou Luggage Market And Other Professional Markets With High Industry Concentration, As Well As Zhejiang Yiwu Commodity City, Chengdu Lotus Pond, Liaoning Nantai Luggage Market And So On. From The Current Development Situation, Shiling Is The Capital Of Leather Goods In China, And Baigou In Hebei Is The Capital Of Luggage And Bags In China, With The Highest Industry Concentration. Cases And Bags Hardware And Accessories Procurement Relatively Large-scale Shiling International Leather And Leather City, Guangzhou Huadu District, Guangzhou Zhongda Textile City, Haining China Leather City, Baigou Accessories City, Etc. Guangzhou In The Downtown Guangyuan West Road And Shiling Each Have A Leather Hardware Leading Market, A Large Scale But Belongs To The New Production Project, The Popularity Needs To Be Improved.

Luggage Hardware Production Process

  1. First Of All, A New Product To The Manufacturer Is To Make A Mold, Which Is Very Key. The First Condition For A Product To The Manufacturer Is That The Manufacturer Should Know How To Make A Mold, Because It Is Impossible To Determine Whether The Product Can Be Made Without Understanding The Production Of The Mold
  2. The Second Step To Die Casting Products Put The Finished Mold On The Die Casting Machine To Die Casting Products. The Die Casting Machine Is Divided Into Tonnage, And The Common Case And Bag Hardware Accessories Are Generally Used In The 25-ton Die Casting Machine. It Is Also Very Skillful To Make Good Products With The Die Casting Machine, Which Depends On The Technology Of The Master Of The Pressure Machine. When The Pressure Machine Is Pressed, It Is Necessary To Control The Pressure Well. The Surface Of The Product Will Not Be Smooth And Uneven, So The Press Master Must Control The Machine To Play A Good Product! After The Product Comes Out, It Is Necessary To Break The Material.
  3. Enter The Third Step Of Polishing, Which Is The Most Important Link In The Production Process Of Hardware Accessories Of Cases And Bags. Just Like Women’s Jewelry, The Shiny And Smooth Result Is Due To The High Degree Of Polishing And Polishing, And Then Electroplating Can Produce Such A Shiny Effect. So To Make Something Smooth And Shiny Is To Do A Good Job Of Polishing.
  4. The Fourth Step Is The Foot Piece, Because The Product Is To Be Fixed On The Bag, So The Wire Foot Piece, The Wire Fixed On The Foot Is To Be Die-cast On The Way, Used To Use A Three-ton Punch Press To Press Up, Changed To Use A Machine To Press Down And Fix, With A Drill Machine Is Also Improved Science And Technology, Production Tools Have Changed! There Is Another Link Is That Some Are On The Screw, So To Tap Out A Screw Hole, Here Is The Tapping Machine To Tap Out A Screw Hole!
  5. The Fifth Step Of The Popular Point Is To Give The Product Color Plating Link! Electroplating Here Depends On The Technology Of Electroplating Master. First, We Should Wash The Impurities In The Product Area With Sulfuric Acid, And Then Give The Products A Bronzing Thing At The Bottom. The Thicker The Bottom Is, The Better, And Then Put It Into The Electroplating Cylinder For Electroplating.

Bag Hardware Accessories Name Color And Material And Process

The Hardware Accessories Of A Bag Play The Role Of Finishing Touch Is The Soul Of A Bag, The Beauty Of A Bag, The Value Of A Bag Largely Depends On The Quality Of The Hardware. Here Are Some Hardware Basics To Share With You.

I. Name

Bag Hardware Accessories According To The Specific Product Categories Are: D Buckle, Dog Buckle, Lock Buckle, Horseshoe Buckle, Hand Link Buckle, Belt Ring, He Shangtongs, Hanging Buckle, Arch Bridge, Bell, Mushroom Nail, Bump Nail, Foot Nail, Hollow Nail, Pull Head, Corns, Pin, Belt Buckle, Chain, Coil, Magnetic Button, Tail Clip And All Kinds Of Trademarks And Decorative Hardware And So On. A Variety Of Hardware Accessories According To The Function Or Shape Of Specific Have Different Division, And A Variety Of Hardware Accessories Also Have A Variety Of Materials And Have A Number Of Specifications And Colors.

Two. Color

Bag Hardware Accessories Are Commonly Colored: Lightning-nickel (commonly Known As Silver), Gold, Light Gold Lt Gold, Gun Color Gun Metal, Green Copper Anti-brass Etc., Green Brush Anti-brass, Chrome Chrome, Etc.

Three. Material

The Commonly Used Hardware Materials On The Bag Are: Iron, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel And So On; Carat Gold, Real Gold (not Commonly Used)

Iv. Technology

First Of All, The Mold Is Made, And Then The Die Casting Machine Is Used To Die Cast The Product. The Blank Of The Die Casting Product Is Polished And Polished, And Then The Color Of The Product Is Electroplated. The Color Of Most Hardware Accessories Depends On Electroplating. There Are Many Points To Pay Attention To In Electroplating. Different Electroplating Colors Have Different Requirements For The Process. Electroplating Is Roughly Divided Into Rolling Plating, Hanging Plating, Continuous Plating, Water Or Vacuum Plating, Plating Is Real Gold Or Imitation Gold, Non-toxic Environmental Protection Or Ordinary Electroplating On The Color Can Be, The Export Should Pay Attention To Whether It Meets The Requirements Of Environmental Protection And Non-toxic.

Next Time I Will Share With You The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Bag Hardware Accessories Material!

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