Detailed Explanation Of Hardware Accessories For Bags And Handbags

The commonly used hardware materials on bags are iron, zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, platinum, K gold, real gold, etc. Among them, zinc alloy, copper, and stainless steel are the most commonly used materials for luggage hardware, which are introduced one by one as follows:
1、 Iron hardware: Iron is the 26th element, Fe has a silver white metallic luster, which contains a small amount of carbon, so its melting point is reduced, and its corrosion resistance is also weakened, which is worse than copper and aluminum. To reduce production costs, some factories are used to make luggage hardware and iron electroplating. The cracked electrodeposits of low-end iron hardware are rough, easy to delaminate, etch, fade, blister, and degrade, which are not beautiful, easy to rust, have poor texture, and are not durable. Advantages: hard, malleable, low price.
2、 Aluminum hardware: advantages: aluminum alloy has low density, but high strength, is close to steel, has good plasticity, can be processed into various hardware accessories, with excellent corrosion resistance, commonly used in the production of luggage handles, pull rods, etc. Disadvantages: In the production process of aluminum alloy, shrinkage cavity, sand hole, air hole, slag inclusion, and other casting defects are easy to occur.
3、 Zinc alloy hardware: zinc alloy has good fluidity, is easy to weld, brazed, corrosion resistant, has good plasticity, and can even be recycled for remelting. It can also be used to form complex, thin-walled precision parts with smooth casting surfaces. It can also be used for surface treatment such as electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, and grinding. It has good mechanical properties and wears resistance at room temperature. It is widely used in luggage hardware, which is medium grade. Zinc alloy is an alloy material, so it is slightly lighter than iron hardware, which can reduce the self-weight of the package. It has a variety of colors, and its process is better than iron hardware. The electroplating layer of good zinc alloy hardware can also be durable without discoloration and falling off. Disadvantages: Although it is more than the lower, it is less than the upper. The grade, texture, and durability are not as good as stainless steel hardware.
Gun black zinc alloy case lock catch
4、 Copper hardware: This material has high strength, is not easy to deform and damage under the influence of external forces, and can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. It has good corrosion resistance in the air and has a long service life. It can be electroplated but not electroplated. For example, the natural color of copper tends to be casual, retro, or even slightly rugged. Disadvantages: Copper is stable in dry air and can maintain metallic luster. However, in humid air, the surface will generate a layer of copper green and lose luster. However, it can be polished with copper polishing paste and be as smooth as new.
Hardware made of copper
5、 Stainless steel hardware: stainless steel refers to steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water and chemically corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and salt. It has the natural color of steel, and can also be plated with gold and silver. It has excellent texture, is extremely durable, and has high face value. Therefore, it is a must for high-end luggage, high-grade clocks, and watches. Its production process is excellent, and its comprehensive performance is superior to other types of hardware. Disadvantages: expensive

When designing bags and handbags, any design will consider hardware. From the positioning of a brand to the trend, the embedding of characteristic elements, and other links, hardware will be considered all the time. From the strength of hardware and decorative embellishment, a product will be promoted to the high-end. If a brand can lead the trend, its hardware development and raw material development will be ahead. Many brands will refer to their hardware, so they will be positioned according to hardware, good hardware is surrounded by other patterns and materials. Sometimes hardware can also play a role in concealment. Therefore, we can not do without hardware in the luggage and handbag industry, even if it can be replaced, it does not mean that it is completely separated. Some countries rely on five gold to earn additional value for their consumption concepts, while high-end products also have specific requirements for hardware, with a professional hardware design team, It is not the practice of one person holding multiple posts. Professionals do professional work.

Die casting: We are not unfamiliar with zinc alloy die casting hardware, but die casting is just a process, which can be used for many kinds of materials. From the perspective of raw material cost and applicability, a considerable number of experts in the luggage and handbag industry have selected zinc alloy, and zinc alloy also has requirements, such as low toxic and environment-friendly materials, such as 0 #, 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, 4-1 #, etc, At present, the national standard 3 # zinc alloy is almost used for bags and handbags. It can be poured out at 430 degrees melting point, which can meet the environmental requirements. Then it can be electroplated, including oil sealing and low toxicity treatment. The entire hardware can reach the standard. For the die casting process, which requires the pouring of stainless steel, and for the product quality requirements, the tonnage of the die casting machine has a considerable relationship, because the density is the first thing affected, The next step is to polish the smoothness, and then the electroplating quality. All these aspects can be controlled well, and the products are almost qualified. Why should the die-casting hardware have a red copper base? That’s because the copper has strong adhesion, which will not blister and fall off during electroplating. As for other barrel plating and hanging plating, immersion plating, brush plating, oxidation, etc., it also depends on the customer’s requirements. The thickness of the electroplating coating bin is usually referred to as such (34) (read mai), It is called micro inch in Chinese. 1um=39.4uin ≈ 40uin, we only need to know some simple related knowledge. Due to the friability and low elasticity of zinc alloy, extrusion hardware is also used in some product locations.

Extrusion and stretching: generally, iron sheet or aluminum sheet stainless steel sheet metal is completed by extrusion or stretching process. The five iron sheet metal commonly used in bags is generally used by extrusion and stretching process. There is also a name for extrusion, which is called beer hardware. It is also called stamping hardware. In short, no matter what name is used, its products always have the same style and can’t be changed, Here, we also pay attention to the zinc alloy process in the front, and the polishing and electroplating procedures in the back section are the same as above. The only major difference is that the cost is low and light, and it is generally transported

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