Plastic Tactical Belt Buckle

Plastic Tactical Belt Buckle

Wholesale Fashion Accessories Plastic Tactical Quick Release Buckle Belt Buckles

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Handbag Buckle






32mm, 38mm

This product personalised to individual customer designs, so no fixed pricing.Pricing will depend on material, size,  colours and quantity. Read more on the FAQ.

Product Details:


It has the same appearance as metal buckles the high strength plastic as raw materials and its price is only 1/5 of that of metal material.


The plastic buckle can withstand 40 kg/60kg of gravity, which is only 1/3 of the weight of metal materials, and pays low transportation costs.


POM has similar hardness,strength, and rigidity to’ mean a wide range of temperature
and humidity, have good self-lubrication,good fatigue
resistance, and elasticity.

Design Process

1.Customer Logo

Let me know your requirements including:design,size,colors.AI is the best formats. JPG, PDF, EPS, PSD are also acceptable,but pixel of the best in 300 DPI or above.

2.Our Artwork

We will make the artwork based on your logo,you can see the effect and confirm the drawings.

3.Confirm Sample

After you confirm the artwork, we will make pre-production samples first for you to confirm the finish and material to be right,and produce mass production after re-confirmation.s

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