Snap Button

Definition of snap button

The snap button is a kind of button, commonly known as spring button and sewing button. The four-in-one buckle is combined with an S-shaped spring, and is divided into four parts: ABCD from top to bottom: the AB part is called a female buckle, the wide side can be engraved with patterns, there is a hole in the middle, and there are two parallel springs on the side; the CD part It is called a male buckle, with a dot protruding in the middle. After the dot is pressed into the hole of the female buckle, it is clamped by the spring to generate an opening and closing force and fix the clothes.

Four button classification:

According to the style, the snap buttons are generally divided into: large white buttons, fisheye buttons, plastic snap buttons, plastic surface snap buttons, and drill snap buttons.

According to the button surface, the snap button is generally divided into: smooth snap button, pattern snap button, diamond snap button, fisheye button, etc.

According to the material, the snap buttons are generally divided into: metal snap buttons, resin snap buttons (also known as plastic snap buttons), plastic snap buttons, etc.

However, if there is no special description, it is only called a snap button, which generally refers to a metal snap button.

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