Talking about the commonly used buckles for luggage 1.0

Buckles, in our daily life can be seen everywhere, ordinary to clothes, shoes and hats, the usual use of backpacks, computer bags, camera bags, cell phone bags, all have the existence of buckles. As a luggage industry enthusiasts, understanding the performance of bags is necessary, but increased knowledge of accessories buckle is also desirable, at least in the purchase of bags can distinguish between the true and false buckle good and bad.

The gravity of the bag mainly from the buckle, so it’s quite important to choose a good bag with the quality and shape of the buckle.


The buckle materials are generally POM, PP and NY. The buckle is composed of a male buckle and a female buckle. One end is fixed by webbing, and the other end can be adjusted by the webbing. The length of the webbing can be selected according to different needs. It is generally used for shoulder and waist fixation. In the process can also be authorized on the surface of the mother buckle design color label or LOGO, can also choose electroplating, screen printing, color painting. According to the different feel, it can also be polished, sprayed with rubber oil, and so on. In terms of strength, the 25mm buckle used in general leisure backpacks can bear a weight of 40-50 kg, but of course, a good buckle can reach 80-90 kg.

Slide buckle

Slide buckle materials are generally POM, PP, NY. Generally speaking, the slide buckle is used on the shoulder strap of the backpack and the shoulder strap of the shoulder bag to adjust the length of the webbing. In order to prevent slippage, many slide buckle in the middle of the horizontal bar are designed with stripes, there are also two horizontal bars next to expand the placement of their own logo, in the shape of most similar.

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