The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zinc Alloy Label

Advantages of Zinc Alloy Signs: Casting zinc alloy has good fluidity and corrosion resistance, and is used in various decorations such as handbag handle, zipper slider, handbag accessories, zipper puller, handbag lock, snap hook, belt buckle, metal label etc.
Good surface finish, surface roughness up to Ra0.8~3.2ym, sometimes even up to Ra0.4μm
Good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance
Low melting point, melts at 385°C, easy to die-cast
The die-casting parts are dense in structure and have high strength and hardness: because the liquid metal is cooled and solidified under pressure, and the filling time is extremely short and the cooling rate is extremely fast, the die-casting parts rely on
A layer of metal grains near the surface is finer and denser.

Disadvantages of zinc alloy signs: There are blisters on the surface of die-casting parts, which are found after die-casting, exposed after polishing or processing, and appear after oil injection or electroplating. The reason is that when the gas in the cavity,
The gas volatilized from the paint and the gas precipitated by the solidification of the alloy will eventually remain in the pores formed in the casting when the mold exhaust is poor.

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