The Process of Producing Handbag Labels

First, design the handbag logo mold drawing for the customer’s project, and then make the mold according to the drawing. After the mold is made, the die-casting will first try the mold and make a sample. After the sample is made, the quality inspection is no problem and it will be sent to the customer for confirmation. When the customer confirms that the sample can be produced without any problem, it must be produced in small batches first, because some die-casting parts will only have quality problems in mass production. After the small batch trial production is completed, it can be made into large quantities, which can be mass produced.

Production process of metal label: mold – zinc alloy raw material melting – die casting (die casting) – demolding (molding die castings will have excess burrs that need to be removed) – polishing (to make the product look smooth) – surface treatment (electroplating) , sandblasting, baking paint, electrophoresis, high gloss, oil injection, silk screen printing, wire drawing, laser engraving, etc.) – QC inspection (product quality assurance) – packaging (product packaging) – delivery

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